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I have been a motion graphics designer for longer than I care to admit. I went to school for graphic design but my static graphics always moved in my head and it was frustrating. But then I was introduced to After Effects and 3D and my whole world changed.


As I've gotten older, I appreciate my graphic design background but feel very lucky to be able to do what I do and get paid for it. Currently, I am the Senior Motion Graphics Designer for the Los Angeles Dodgers. I've been with the team for over 10 years and although it can be kind of an odd place for a designer, it really suits me.


I get to wear many hats...2D animator, 3D generalist, writer, director, character animator, sound editor...I love that I don't just do one thing. I look forward to coming to work every day and I'm guessing not too many people can say that.


I find inspiration from music, movies and sports. I've been listening to Grimes, Chvrches, The Joy Formidable and a lot of EDM lately. I'm a Pixar snob, a David Lynch apologist and I'm a sucker for anything that has the word "Star" or "Wars" in the title. Besides baseball, I love soccer. Played it, coach it and watch it. And I've been known to snowboard when the white stuff falls from the sky in the colder parts of the year.


The "punk" in monkeypunk is not necessarily mohawk inspired but a DIY attitude I've had since I was a kid. I'm a hard worker and I sweat the small stuff. Punk is more of a mindset than fashion, to me.


I occasionally do outside projects but the Dodgers keep me busy. My work is varied enough that I don't feel the need to look elsewhere for creatiive satisfaction but if you like what you see here and feel I can help you out on a project, let's talk. I'm completely booked from February to April each year but other than that, I can be tempted by outside projects.





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Logic Pro




Video CoPilot Element & Optical Flares



Team Render

Qube Render

This music video was created to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Dodger Stadium. I've spent many late nights at the stadium and love it when just the LED boards are turned on with the stadium lights turned off. It creates an ethereal glow and I wanted to do something with that but couldn't quite put it together conceptually.


I saw Jimmy Diebold's Midnight Lights video and I immediately knew how I was going to incorporate my idea with his idea and hopefully take it one step further.


This was shot over many late nights at the stadium. Usually just me, a camera, a tripod, some lights and a step ladder. One night was dedicated to getting the bulk of the stadium shots and I had a crew of about 7 people (and a skunk) working in different parts of the stadium over the course of several hours.


99% of the shots were captured as still images and then animated together. There are one or two shots that are actual video. But I edited together thousands of images to come up with the final product. I spent hundreds of hours on this project. It became a real labor of love.


This video won a Golden Matrix Best Music Video award at the 2013 IDEA Conference.